Minx Nail Armour

Be a Real Minx !

Minx is a new and glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips through the superb choice of designer graphic, sparkling metallics and stylish graphic prints available. Minx are flexible film veneers/coatings that are adhered perfectly to natural or enhanced nails through an infrared heat source. One veneer is applied to each finger or toe nail through a combination of heat and pressure. With Minx, there is no need for drying as they dry immediately and no risk of smudging.

Minx nail veneers are fashionable, dramatic nail coatings which cause no damage to the natural nail and last 4-10 days on hands and 4-6 weeks on feet!

We have a large selection of designs in stock but if you would like to choose a specific design please make sure you give us 5 days notice to order the design you require.

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